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Neighborhood Watch

Chatham County Police Department & Community Liaison Officer

Officer Esquina White

Email: ewhite@chathamcounty.org

Work Number: 912-652-6947

CCPD West Chatham Precinct Non-Emergency Phone Number: 912-652-6920

Website: https://police.chathamcountyga.gov/

Crime Map: Crime Map for Unincorporated Chatham County

Neighborhood Watch Reports


As of November 13, 2020

The following information is from Officer Esquina White:

Just as an update, residents may have noticed that we installed FLOCK cameras at the intersection of Berwick Blvd and Ogeechee Road. This camera system helps us in locating reported stolen vehicles, and other investigations while supporting our efforts in crime prevention and suppression.

I also wanted to remind residents not to become complacent as we enter the holiday season, as this is the time when our entering auto stats begin to rise. So, as we enter the holiday season, please consider the following crime prevention tips:

* Lock the doors of all vehicles and homes and remove ALL firearms and valuables.

* Use caution anytime a stranger is at your door.

* Avoid storing spare keys in common places (mailboxes, planters, under doormats, vehicles)

* Be mindful of your package/mail deliveries to prevent package thefts – i.e. setting up postal notifications, scheduling package delivery at your workplace, and requesting a mail hold while away for an extended period of time.

* Always be alert and aware of your surroundings when shopping, as well as when approaching and leaving your vehicle.

* When possible, park and walk in well-lighted areas.

* Be aware of phone scams i.e., lottery/clearing house winnings, and any hoax that requires for you to pay a disclosed amount to receive a winning.

* If residents will be out of town for an extended period of time, feel free to request extra patrol by emailing NLO E. White or calling the precinct (912) 652-6940.



As of April 23, 2020

The good news is that we have not had any criminal activity in our area in the past month.  Officer White did mention that we should all keep a close watch on our mail as the stimulus checks start to go out.  If you notice any suspicious persons or activity, do not hesitate to call the police.

She also stressed the importance of keeping homes and vehicles locked.
Best regards and be safe,


As of March 30, 2020


March 8, 2020 Fenwick Village Dr Berwick/Fenwick AUTO THEFT Unlocked vehicle was taken by unknown means.

February 29, 2020 Granite Ln Berwick/Fenwick THEFT OF PACKAGE Package taken from entryway.
Best regards,




As of February 11, 2020


The three incidents listed below occurred in the area of Berwick Plantations within the past 48 hours. We believe the incidents occurred between the hours of 11 a.m.-12p.m. Based in the information from the burglary that occurred on Park View Road, the suspect vehicle was described as a black Chevy Impala, occupied by three males; the other two incidents may be related. We are still working to obtain surveillance footage in the area.

Burglary – Park View Road – 2/10/20 – CC200210016 –As the resident returned home from a bike ride, three black males were observed running out of the house into a black Chevrolet Impala in the driveway. The front door of the house was kicked in , and the home had been ransacked. Multiple items were reported stolen to include jewelry, televisions, a macbook, iPad, game system, and a 9mm handgun. Video footage was obtained from a neighbor; however it is not very clear. Two other neighbors with surveillance cameras on their house were not present at the time, however, a follow up will be conducted.

Burglary (attempted) – Carlisle Lane – 2/10/20 – CC200210017 – A resident heard the doorbell ring three times, then a loud noise. After hearing a door slam, the resident approached the front door, and observed a black vehicle leaving the area. No entry was gained due to the security chain on the secured door.

Criminal Trespass – Stonebridge Circle – 2/10/20 – CC200210025 – Upon arriving home from work, the resident observed the front door frame was separated from the wall. Officers observed the damage along with wooden pieces broken off as well as screw and nails dislodged. It did not appear that anyone was able to enter the house, and nothing was reported taken or out of place.

If you all or the neighbors in the vicinity of the incident locations have video footage of a black Chevrolet Impala during the hours of 11 a.m.-12 p.m., please let me know. Also, if you suspect any suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to call the non-emergency number (912) 652-6500, then press 5.

If you have any questions, let me know.


Officer Esquina White

Neighborhood Liaison Officer

Chatham County Police Dept.

West Chatham Precinct

295 Police Memorial Drive

Savannah, GA 31405

Office: (912) 652-6947


As of January 23, 2020


I have recently been in contact with Esquina White and there were several incidents in the area:

1.  December 22, Reese Way a victim dropped keys and vehicle was stolen
2. January 3, burglary occurred on Fenwick Village Drive. A motorcycle was stolen.
3. January 8, a burglary occurred on Carlisle Way. It was forced entry with two shotguns and vehicle/house keys were stolen.
4. January 14, a burglary occurred in Chapel Lake SOuth. Door was forced, playstation and jewelry stolen.
Just another reminder, keep your homes and vehicles locked.  Don't make it easy for someone to take what you have worked so hard for.
Best regards,



As of December 5, 2019



It seems we have had a quite month here in the neighborhood. The only incident I have to report is a vehicle theft in Stonebridge on November 25th around 12:00 AM.


New that Christmas is approaching, be extra vigilant in keeping your car locked at all times, especially when out shopping. Try to take a breath, slow down, and enjoy the Holidays.
Best regards and have a happy and safe Christmas,



As of October 23, 2019



I have recently been in contact with Esquina White, who is our Neighborhood Liaison Officer from the Chatham County Police Department.  I have asked John to invite her to our November HOA  meeting, where we should have an opportunity to get to know her and welcome her to our neighborhood.  She did let me know that our development has had a good year as far as crime goes, and hopefully it will remain that way.
There were a couple of incidents that came up on Crime Reports:
1.  October 18, around 10am on the one block of Carlisle Lane there was reported an entering vehicle with intent to commit theft or felony.
2.  October 9, around 6am on the 400 block of Stonebridge Circle there was reported a burglary of the 2nd degree.
Just another reminder, keep your homes and vehicles locked.  Don't make it easy for someone to take what you have worked so hard for.
Best regards and have a happy and safe Halloween,

As of August 27, 2019

I don't have anything to report regarding any crime in our neighborhood.  Please remember to lock up your home and vehicles and don't keep any valuables in your vehicle.  If you are going away, let the Chatham County Police Department know and they will make extra patrols past your home.
Have a safe Labor Day weekend,
As of July 15, 2019

Greetings, neighbors. I believe that we have had another quiet month. To my knowledge, there has been no criminal activity in our neighborhood.

I know I have said this in the past, but I am going to mention this again.  Pedestrians have the right of way. Please to considerate of those who are standing in the heat waiting to cross the street. It's only a minute or two out of your busy life and you have the benefit of sitting in an air-conditioned vehicle.
Be safe and be kind,
As of June 19, 2019

It appears that it has been a fairly quiet month, so I have nothing to report as far as crime in our development. I do however have a couple of concerns.

A few days ago driving into the development on Aberlady Terrace, a woman in a white car drove right through the stop sign coming from Carlisle Lane. She didn't slow down or pause, just drove straight through like it wasn't there. Fortunately, I am in the habit of slowing down and looking to my right when coming into the development, because I certainly would have been hit. It happened so fast I was unable to get a plate number.
This morning my husband was returning on his bike and saw a man trying to cross at our crosswalk at Aberlady Terrace across Berwick Blvd. He stopped to let the gentleman cross, but someone driving a black BMW drove right past the man and came close to hitting him.
I am really concerned that there are drivers who have no regard for stop signs or for pedestrians trying to cross at a designated cross walk. I don't know a solution, because any time something like this happens I haven't been able to take down a plate number and even if I did it would me my word against the word of the driver.
Just something to think about.
Best regards and be safe,
As of May 23, 2019


I am happy to report that there has been no criminal activity in our development to my knowledge. However I want to make you all aware of something that just happened to my husband this morning. He went out for a morning bike ride up Berwick Blvd,  half way up Southbridge Blvd. then back home. About one quarter mile from Aberlady Terrace a black SUV with a handicap sticker came speeding up next to Jim and forced him into the gutter. The "gentleman" driving the vehicle then rolled down his window then yelled to Jim to "Get the f**k off the road".  Unfortunately Jim was unable to get a plate number. Jim and I ride all the time and neither one of us are in the habit of riding in the middle of the road and stay over to the side of the road. Drivers need to understand that they share the road with bicyclists and drive accordingly. Drivers also need to stop for pedestrians standing in crosswalks. Let's all try to maintain a safe environment.
Best regards,
As of April 17, 2019

I have not heard of any criminal activity in our neighborhood this past month.  Just a reminder to keep safe by keeping garage doors locked as well as locking cars while in the driveway. Do not keep anything of value in your car. Now that the weather is warm there are more walkers and bike riders about, so be aware while driving through the neighborhood.

Let's have a safe spring,

As of February 27, 2019

The report is that I have nothing to report. Thankfully it has been quiet. Now that the weather is nicer there are more people out walking and bike riding and also walking their dogs. Drivers need to obey the designated speed limit of the neighborhood and allow people to cross at the crosswalks. Pedestrians and bike riders also have a responsibility to be aware of the traffic. No one should be crossing a street while looking down at their cell phone.

One other thing I need to mention is that now that the weather is warming up, there will be more tradesmen in the area. Keep your house and car locked and keep your garage doors down and bolted. You don't always know who is working in the neighborhood and it doesn't take long for your house or car to be entered.
Be safe,

As of January 22, 2019

Things have been pretty quiet around the neighborhood, I have not heard of any recent criminal activity.  Driving up Berwick Boulevard to check on the amenity, I noticed that pedestrian crossing sign which was run down at least two years ago by the entrance to Chapel Park has still not been put back.  I used to see the sign lying on the ground, but did not see it today.  I know I have reported on this a number of times over the last couple of years.
Best regards,