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Pool and Amenity News


Remember to keep our pool and amenity center clean. Please report any vandalism or misuse of our amenity to the local police dept. (912) 652-6920 and/or ASI (843) 785-7070.

All homeowners in good standing may have access to the pool. Pool access cards may be purchased from Association Services, Inc. Please contact Katelyn Murphy at (843) 785-7070. Access cards are private and may only be shared with those members that live within your household.

Events – Events may be held at the pool, however, reservations application must be made through the Association office and applicable fees paid at the time the reservation is made. Anyone utilizing the pool for an event must follow the reservation rules and clean up procedures. Deposits will be held if the pool is not left in the condition in which it was found. Owners are required to remove trash from their event.


1. The Chapel Park/Villages at Berwick Community Pool is a private, not public, pool for the sole use of it’s residents and their guests (that are accompanied by the homeowner).
2. Pool Season ( unless otherwise posted) April 15th- October 15th
3. The days and hours of operation for the Pool, when open, are as follows:
Monday- Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
4. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
5. No solo swimming.
6. No swimming allowed during heavy rain or when thunder and lightning can be seen or heard.
7. Any child not potty trained must wear snug fitting plastic pants or a water resistant swim diaper.
8. No person with communicable disease or skin, eye, ear or nasal infections are allowed in the pool.
9. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the pool area.
10. No pets are allowed in the pool area.
11. No profanity.
12. No running or rough play in the pool area.
13. No diving.
14. No glass of any kind permitted in pool area. No food, drink or wrappers shall be permitted within ten feet of the swimming pool.
15. Use the restroom, not the pool.
16. You are required to clean up after yourself, please return all furniture to its original location before leaving the pool area.
17. No smoking in the pool area.
18. Emergency telephone is located on the wall at the amenity center.
19. Proper swimwear is required. No jeans, cutoffs or thong bathing suits.
20. Bikes, skateboards, motorized children vehicles and roller blades are not permitted within the pool area.
21. Gates must be closed after entering and exiting the swimming pool area.
22. No lifeguard on duty. All members and guest use the facility at their own risk.
23. No alcholic beverages, irrespective of cantainer, are allowed anywhere on Amenity grounds.
1. This facility is for the use of Chapel Park and The Villages at Berwick residents and their guests. A resident must accompany all guests.
2. No one under 18 years old is permitted in the fitness center without an adult.
3. No food or tobacco products are allowed in the fitness center.
4. Fitness center equipment may not be altered, moved or adjusted in a manner not preapproved by management or the manufacturer. 5. Benches and vinyl must be wiped down after use.
6. If others are waiting to use equipment, please limit time to 20 minutes.
7. It is strongly recommended that you obtain permission from a medical doctor to use this equipment or participate in any fitness program.
8. Use of this facility is always at the risk of the individual; the Home Owners Association assumes no responsibility or liability for any accidents or injuries.
9. Please wear proper attire, including footwear.
10. Management reserves the right to restrict the use of this facility.
11. Please turn the television(s) off, when you are finished with your workout, and place the remote in a highly visible area.
12. Please refrain from using profanity in or around the fitness center.
1. Do not use equipment when wet.
2. No smoking in or around the playground.
3. No running, pushing or shoving.
4. Do not use play equipment improperly.
5. No bare feet. Proper footwear required.
6. Adult supervision required.
7. Do not use play equipment unless designed for your age group.
8. Play at your own risk.
9. If you notice any broken equipment or playground hazards please report it to the HOA.
10. Play area is closed from dusk to dawn.
11. No pets are allowed in the playground area.
12. No glass allowed in the playground area.
13. Playground is for the residents of Chapel Park and The Villages at Berwick and their guests.  A resident must accompany all guests.
14. Please close gate after entering and exiting the playground area.
15. Please refrain from using profanity in or around the playground. 
*The Association has the right to suspend swimming privileges for none payment of association dues and violation of the pool rules by anyone up to 30 days. Guest in violation will not be permitted to return to the pool for the season.*

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