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Vacant Home Notice


1) Call Adrian Tillman at the Chatham County Police West Precinct Admin Section at (912) 652-6940, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Ms. Tillman processes all "Away From Home" Extra Patrol Requests. If you reach a recording, that means that she is either on another line assisting a customer, on break, or out of the office. If this occurs, leave your name, phone number and the purpose of your call and she will return your call in a timely manner.

2) Once connected, the resident should state that they want to request extra-duty officer patrols of their residence while they are away on travel.

3) Resident should be prepared to specify their exact address along with the dates that they plan to be away from their residence.

4) Resident should be prepared to provide their personal contact information and any additional owner verification information that may be needed.

5) Resident should be prepared to provide the name and phone number of any neighbor, relative, or other person that the homeowner has designated to provide access to their residence; any alarm de-activation code that the officer may need; any presence of indoor or outdoor pets; any locked gates, any hazards, and any other information that will be needed by the patrolling officer during check of their property.

6) The resident can also email their residence patrol request to ahtillman@chathamcounty.org and should receive a confirmation back that such request and all needed information has been successfully received and entered into the CCPD computer. However, residents may want to personally speak with Ms. Tillman if they have questions and then validate the request with an email.

The resident's submitted request will then be date- and time-stamped and entered into the department's SSI computer system. The resident's requested dates of patrol and their address will appear on the vehicle computers of the regular CCPD Beat 7 shift officer patrol.

Thank you for your cooperation.